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Chapter 589 New Hierarchy Of Vampire Society

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Chapter 589 New Hierarchy Of Vampire Society

'I messed up'

After thinking so, to not let the situation escalate further, Hecate continued, "If you'd like to know more about it, Your Highness, you should have a chat with one of your partners." 

She used the strategy to dump the responsibility on someone else and didn't put herself in between the two lovers.

Arya not saying things to Lith was something Hecate didn't know and since that was the case, it would be best if Arya clarified this situation herself.

Lith, hearing Hecate's reply, first thought to himself, 'Which partner?' 

He was then going to ask her whom he should talk to but refrained from doing so as he felt it would be too embarra.s.sing to ask such a question.

Despite being curious regarding why things weren't on the dark web, he kept it aside for now and focused on another important issue.

"Miss Hecate, there's another thing we need to deal with." Lith said in a calm yet serious tone.

"What would that be, Your Highness?" Hecate asked in a neutral tone.

Lith pointed towards the computer in the room he was in and said, "although things aren't on the web anymore, many have already seen it. Wouldn't they try to recreate the images and publish it in black?"

Hecate nodded. Indeed, that was possible as well and it was a serious issue.

But, despite it being serious, Hecate said calmly, "That is indeed a major issue. But until and unless things come out even slightly in public, there's no way for us to know who is doing what and take action."

What Hecate meant was that if people recreated the image in private and used it for their own personal use without making anything regarding it public, there was no way for even an Emperor Rank like her to come across it.

Lith understood that and could only let out a sigh. He didn't know people were this bad and had he did, he would've taken measures beforehand. 

"Okay, let's wrap things up and leave for the banquet. We'll deal with the issues if it comes up later." Lith said.

Hecate nodded her head once again and said, "I'll have people keep an eye out for things and let His Highness know if something comes up."

Lith smiled lightly hearing that and said, "thanks for all the help, Miss Hecate."

"Your Highness mustn't be so polite." Hecate shook her head and said.

Lith didn't reply to her comment and after finishing up, the two left the place.


A few hours pa.s.sed.

The Royal Banquet in Evernight City was something everyone in the world had their eyes on.

For the first time in their whole history, the Vampire Royal Clan had someone from their family make an appearance in public.

Many didn't understand the reason why the Vampire Royal Clan was making an appearance at such a time and there were many theories and explanations that came out regarding this.

Even Lith had no idea why his mother would let his sister be known and seen by the whole world . But knowing that his mother wasn't stupid, he could only let things flow as they were now and go with it.

No matter what decisions his mother took, he wasn't going to oppose her and was there to fully support her on those things. Even though there were some mishaps like the current case with Lucy, Lith held the power to keep things in control.

It was only after this event did Lith realize that being the Vampire Prince, his authority in the world was absolute and he could change the way the world worked as he pleased.

Although it was that, Lith also understood a few shortcomings that he had. He wasn't too powerful, omniscient or omnipotent, and he couldn't do everything on his own.

He had to take help from others for things and couldn't do everything on his own. Thus, to improve further in life, Lith made being self-reliant one of his goals and something he should work a bit on.

Although it was a goal, he wasn't as ambitious and crazy as a shounen protagonist from anime who would work hard day in and out to become stronger.

Lith would work hard, no doubt, but he would also give proper time to family and friends and have fun in life, instead of simply mindlessly cultivating hard for no reason.

Lith thought of all such things while spending time with his two wives, Alexandra and Emilia, in the balcony of the City Hall.

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He had to give them an explanation as to why he had suddenly rushed out. He didn't lie and told them the truth, which the two ladies understood.

The next new rank was far above the lowest rank and it lay between the Count and the Duke Clan to bridge the gap between the two powers.

The new Rank was the Marquess rank which would be given to anyone who has a cultivation of a Half Emperor Rank by the age of 50,000 years. 

Some leeway was given to the people regarding this rank since not many could achieve this. Thus the limit was slightly raised till 70,000 years but there were many conditions for acceptance at this age and if all criterias weren't filled, it was a sure shot for the Half Emperors to become at least a Count if they were less than a 100,000 years old.

The third new rank, it wasn't announced yet by Lucy as everyone still hadn't finished celebrating the addition of the two new ranks.

Lucy patiently sat on her throne, looking at the people's happy faces in front of her with a neutral look on her face.

She let them celebrate for a good few minutes and finally when she felt it was enough, she raised her hand and had everyone look at her.

She then closed her palm into a fist, gesturing for everyone to be silent. 

And as expected, a pin drop silence followed shortly after, as if n.o.body was jumping in joy a few seconds ago.

Having everyone's attention, Lucy said in an overbearing tone,

"Taking the current Duke Clans in consideration, I hereby announce the addition of a third new rank, one being of the highest authority in the Vampire Society — the Grand Duke rank!"

A moment of silence ensued in the ballroom but seconds later, loud cheers erupted and the lively atmosphere was back.

Although n.o.body understood anything about the new rank as Lucy didn't explain it fully yet, they were still happy to have a new addition for the rank.

Lucy let the people celebrate and finally had them be silent again.

"Now, coming to the eligibility criteria, there is no age restriction for rank… yet. Meaning, anyone could have it for themselves if they fulfil one condition. That being…"

Lucy took a pause.

She then continued, " must be a Supreme Rank."

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