My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

梓云溪 - Zi Yunxi

Chapter 2798 The Little Stoic Got Angry...

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Chapter 2798 The Little Stoic Got Angry...

The formidable sand scorpion brandished its oversized pincers, spinning like a frenzied top. With a swift flick of its tail, it launched concealed thorns at its foes.

The a.s.sault was rapid, fierce, and untamed, leaving the mentors utterly astonished. In a thunderous crash, the elevated platform crumbled under the mighty stomp of the sand scorpion, sending everyone tumbling down before the onlooking crowd.

Dean Yun swiftly intervened, raising his hand and beseeching, "I implore you to show mercy."

The sand scorpion lashed out with its ma.s.sive black tail, sending the underwear-clad warrior soaring through the air. It swiftly advanced, gripping the man with its substantial pincers, leaving him helpless on the ground. Its tail's stinger poised menacingly, ready to strike at the helpless man's thigh.

Dean Yun acted swiftly, directing a burst of sacred energy at the scorpion's pincers, causing it to retract its stinger in agony. The underwear-clad warrior seized this opening, rolling away from beneath the creature. His pallid face contorted with fear as he unleashed a powerful spiritual attack, targeting the sand scorpion's vulnerable abdomen.

The sand scorpion hissed in pain, staggering back a couple of steps. Suddenly, a quilt descended upon the boxer-pants-clad warrior.

Lady Qiaoqiao, her fury unbridled, soared through the air, summoning over a hundred thunder spirit talismans that crackled with energy.

"Yun Piaomiao, your faint presence won't save you! Even Heavenly Law cannot s.h.i.+eld you from my wrath, Qiao Mu, for I am resolute in my intent to end you!" Her thunderous proclamation silenced the entire arena.

After recovering from their initial shock, Yun Piaomiao, still faintly discernible, and the mentors were all determined to intervene.

Yet, in this pivotal moment, Mo Lian, Duan Yue, Qi Xuanxuan, Little Fatty, Lu Yu, and the rest of their group swiftly swooped in to s.h.i.+eld the mentors.

"It's supposed to be a student-to-student evaluation; it's quite uncalled for the mentors to intervene," Mo Lian remarked dismissively. "Anyone who chooses to a.s.sist today will find themselves at odds with our Divine Province."

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"Are you attempting to overwhelm us with numbers? Thinking of confronting us?" Little Fatty retorted, crossing his arms with an air of nonchalance.

Little did he expect that this seemingly straightforward decision would spark such a public outcry.

"Alright, alright, everyone, let's calm down, calm down," Dean Yun pleaded, attempting to quell Mo Lian and the others' anger as if he were extinguis.h.i.+ng a blazing fire. He also sought to appease the irate Pundits from the Discipline Courtyard.

/In the end, it was that boxer-pants troublemaker inviting disaster!/

/If only he hadn't stepped in, everything would have been fine!/

As he contemplated this, countless thunderbolts began to descend, striking the boxer-pants Baron repeatedly, creating explosive bursts of light akin to blossoming Lightning Flowers on his body.

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