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Chapter 2016 – Realm of Illusion

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Chapter 2016 – Realm of Illusion

Lu Yun didn’t think that the dark peak grand supreme was a match for Tailong, but if he’d dared make a move, that meant he had aces up his sleeve to play. The young man wasn’t planning on doing anything—he also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to see what Tailong’s trump cards were.

Tailong’s earlier statement of campaigning through the realms made Lu Yun’s scalp crawl. He was too mysterious. The young man had once asked Jin Huo, Hongjun, f.u.xi, and even the heavenly emperor about the man—they didn’t know anything either.

Perhaps Tailong was a peak grand supreme from a generation younger than all of them. Or perhaps he didn’t come from the chief worlds, or even this part of existence.

“Do you know his background?” Lu Yun asked casually as he looked at the nine clawed golden dragon.

“Who?” asked the dragon, despite knowing full well who the young man referred to.


“I do,” was the surprising answer. Lu Yun glanced sharply at the dragon.

“I’ll tell you his background if you give me the azure dragon ancestral G.o.d’s power of creation,” the nine clawed golden dragon smirked.

Lu Yun ignored him and turned his attention back to the Firmament Prison. He understood now that the grand supreme hadn’t wanted to destroy Huangpang earlier, but to force Tailong into taking action.

Tailong’s relations.h.i.+p with Lu Yun was no secret—in the eyes of the peak grand supremes, the former fell under the young man’s banner. That blow had just been to raise Tailong’s attention. His weaknesses would be apparent if he took the field, thereby creating openings for the dark peak grand supreme to take advantage of.

Thus, the enemy moved in while Tailong was still in motion.

The explosion was the collision of uncontrollable strength after the two of them exchanged numerous blows. Their clash blew the Firmament Prison to smithereens.

Thus marked the end of the Firmament Prison of the chief worlds. There wasn’t even rubble left of it.

Tailong appeared as he always did—a young man in pristine robes, white teeth gleaming between red lips. He appeared completely harmless as he faced a young girl in black robes.

Black and white, boy and girl. It rather hearkened to the order of opposition.

Having lost the advantage, he was fully suppressed by the dark peak grand supreme. Giving way once meant constantly giving way. They flashed in and out of sight in the air, but a trickle of blood dribbled out of Tailong’s lips.

“Tailong’s injured!” Lu Yun frowned. “How was he hurt?”

He hadn’t been bleeding when they met at the tomb of the empyrean prison, so this injury was a new development.

“See, this is the price of being a good person,” the nine clawed golden dragon sighed. “If it wasn’t for him saving Huangpang earlier, he wouldn’t be caught flat-footed and his enemy wouldn’t have the upper head.”

Being a true grand supreme, he saw things further than Lu Yun did. It was true that Tailong nursed an injury, but if he hadn’t gotten involved moments ago, there would be nothing that the dark peak grand supreme could do against him. He might even kill his attacker instead.

“Tailong won’t die.” Lu Yun frowned and looked around him.

Tailong had traveled with Chen Xiao, Qing Buyi, and Lu Feng in the tomb of the empyrean supreme. Their friends.h.i.+p plainly ran deeper than being acquaintances; the other three wouldn’t idly sit by while Tailong was being hunted down.

While the fight in the air didn’t exude fearsome energy ripples, every grand supreme in the chief worlds should sense their struggle. Chen Xiao and the others should be here already.

But there was no sign of them, just Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had wanted to see Tailong’s trump cards for himself, but the latter being gravely injured ran outside of his expectations.

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“Jin Huo, what’s going on?” Lu Yun could only reach out to Jin Huo since he didn’t know where the others were. “…huh?”

Their surroundings dissolved. Huangpang was gone, the Firmament Prison was gone. All was replaced by an empty void. There was no sign of the tremendous battle from earlier. It was as if nothing had happened and it was all a dream.

“Realm of illusion,” Lu Yun uttered softly.

There was no point in maintaining the illusion after the young man started doubting it. The nine clawed golden dragon’s mission was a failure so long as Lu Yun didn’t throw himself into saving Tailong.

The dragon in front of Lu Yun was indeed the nine clawed golden dragon that the young man was familiar with, yet he’d joined the banner of darkness a long time ago.

Lu Yun normally wouldn’t be lulled by a minor illusion, but he’d fallen into the trap the moment the nine clawed golden dragon appeared. The dragon had continuously distracted him, especially when he blatantly mentioned that the young man was headed to the World Heart.

Distracted and restless, Lu Yun plunged headfirst into the realm of illusion.

If it wasn’t for the dragon slipping up about the eighteen peak grand supremes and the baffling wound on Tailong, Lu Yun would still be blithely unaware.

Tailong would go into hiding if he was injured, as opposed to letting eighteen peak grand supremes surround him. The existence of the dark peak grand supreme was no secret, so he would certainly be on guard.

How would a mere nine clawed golden dragon know about the enemy if Tailong didn’t?

The nine clawed golden dragon smiled at Lu Yun and slowly disappeared.

“We’re not in the chief worlds,” Lu Yun frowned. “But they think a little too highly of themselves if they;re trying to trap me by taking me to another realm. Or are they trying to force me to use the power of nothing?”

He snorted. With the Gates of the Abyss constantly connected to h.e.l.l, he could leave anytime he wished.

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