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Turtle Shell and Hemp Rope

Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: The Unconscious Elder (2)

This broken sword was not affected by the Inverted Domain. Instead, it directly slashed open this domain and landed in Sword Head Pei Zhong’s hand!

Pei Zhong sighed and rubbed the broken sword in his hand.

“Old friend, I didn’t expect you to become like this. Come and guide the juniors of the Great Mountain Region with me.”

The broken sword trembled in response to its master’s expectations.

“Jiang Li, you’ve already comprehended a domain divine art at such a young age! Impressive!”

“It’s rare for me to return to the Great Mountain Region. I have to leave something for my descendants!”

“I saw that you’ve also cultivated the Shu Mountain Sword Technique, so I’m teaching you a sword technique. You know that sword pract.i.tioners are pure. When we face a domain, you can do this!”

“Sword Breaking Cliff!”

The previous Sword Head held the Cliffless Sword in his hand, and his aura almost doubled.

Jiang Li’s figure had just approached when he was already unable to brandish the halberd in his hand in time. He could only block in front of him.

Then, as if an endless force collided with the halberd, the incoming sharpness cut hundreds of b.l.o.o.d.y wounds on his body.

A resplendent sword light connected the heavens and the earth, carrying an aura that tore through everything as it pushed him back.

He felt a pain in his head and his mind was damaged.

The Inverted Domain that he had just used was directly torn apart by this sword.

His domain had actually been broken in this way!

The fact that Shu Mountain sword cultivators could compete with the Maoshan Daoists in his previous life was not without reason.


Apart from the fact that sword cultivators were more handsome when riding on their swords, with their Sword Heart talent, they could break all techniques with a single strike!

No matter what he saw, he just had to draw his sword and slash. It could be said that this was a new move.

He could even split open a domain, a divine art that had changed a portion of the rules to a certain extent.

It was simply unreasonable.

This was the first time he had seen his domain broken so easily.

A vast amount of spiritual qi poured into the halberd in his hand and shattered the sword light in front of him with absolute strength. The injuries on his body that were slashed by the sword qi had already recovered.

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief and put away the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd.

The halberd was powerful and could defeat the enemy in one strike, but he could not completely control it. Without the control of the Inverted Domain, his slow movements did not even have the chance to attack.

Moreover, Sword Head Pei Zhong clearly had the intention to give him guidance. The sword move that could break through domains was very powerful and practical.

If he could learn it, it would definitely be endlessly beneficial.

Although his Inverted Domain was strong, others were not weak either.

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He still remembered the embarra.s.sment he felt when he encountered the Poison Domain.

Jiang Li no longer had to be as careful when controlling it as he was back then. He only had to pour a vast amount of spiritual qi into it and stimulate it with his Sword Heart to collide with it with all his might.

Now, Jiang Li, who cultivated the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, had extremely high comprehension and enlightenment. Coupled with the high-grade Merit Blessing, he could directly see through the mysteries of the world.

Every time they collided, he could comprehend something from it. Under his guidance, he improved rapidly.

As for Sword Head Pei Zhong, although he could not control the others in his body, his Sword Heart that was related to his mental will could automatically adjust.

He controlled his Sword Heart to a level slightly higher than Jiang Li every time, causing Jiang Li’s Sword Heart to be tempered every time it collided.

Time slowly pa.s.sed. Shu Mountain’s request for help was immediately sent back to the Great Mountain Alliance.

A few hours later, the reinforcements from the Scripture Storage Valley and Benevolent Travel Temple arrived.

However, they were clearly unable to partic.i.p.ate in Jiang Li’s battle.

They could only greet the three leaders of the previous generation who had been defeated by Jiang Li respectfully.

Master Le Ku waited by Master Du’e’s side to listen to his teachings. After his death, Du’e, who had been meditating in Tragic Death City for hundreds of years, had comprehended a new Buddhist scripture and was seizing the time to teach it to his juniors.

Daoist Wushe stayed by Daoist Nine Years’ side and told him about the changes in the current Great Mountain Region. Everything that they achieved could not be separated from Jiang Li, and it made the previous Valley Master smile from ear to ear and praise him endlessly.

Only Situ Wuchang was surrounded by a group of masked Hidden Rock cultivators.

However, when the leader took off his mask, his face looked 80% similar to Situ Wuchang.

What outsiders did not know was that the Hundred Tempering Mountain had not disappeared just like that.

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