Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor


Chapter 693 Chaos (II)

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693 Chaos (II)

Zhen Biyu’s primary personality frowned as she watched the alter ego battle these fought people. Her body was full of wounds, but she continued to fight. Ghost Lord and his men were not in the best shape either, with one lying on the death, his fate unknown.

Despite the alter’s ego drastic increase in battle experience, she was not happy. She tried to influence it to run away and abandon the battle. And her action was about to succeed until the last minute when the alter ego ignored her influence and chose to temper herself.

So, she waited until the battle progressed to this state where the alter ego had used much of her spiritual power to influence her to run away. And this attempt was successful.

[Five Elements Escape]

p-n0ve1、com Four clones of Zen Biyu appeared next to her, making five of her. Each one looked exactly like her and had the same wounds, aura, and soul fluctuation. The first one turned into a flaming meteor and rushed in the north direction.

The second turned into a cloud before blending with the other clouds in the sky. With this method, she was almost indistinguishable from any other normal cloud. The third blended with the soil and disappeared. The fourth one turned into a sword and flight in the southern direction.

The final one exploded and released a type of pollen that affected people’s Divine Sense and reduced their searching capabilities.

Ghost Lord and his group were too slow in their response. And when they tried to act, they could not distinguish which of the five was the primary body.

“Danm it,” yelled Ghost Lord. He lost his primary body, and his Blood Servant was severely injured, which would require countless resources to heal. And despite all these losses, he gained nothing in return. He looked at his collapsing follower and gave the latter a healing pill.

“Hurry up and heal. We need to target someone else.”

Deep in a mountain cave not far from the battle:

Zhen Biyu sat cross-legged to heal while also reviewing her gain. As she was using this battle to increase her battle foundation, she could not help but focus on the unbalance of these people: the Yin and Yang unbalance between their bodies and their soul.

‘Five Zhang Organs…Five Elements…Balance…Mutual Generation and Overcoming…The Cycle of Yin and Yang.’ She entered a state of enlightenment as the laws of Yin-Yang flashed before her. However, she only comprehended a small portion before it turned into the Five Elements Law, deepening her comprehension.

“As expected,” muttered the primary personality with desolateness in her voice. The alter ego creation is a form of great fortune for her. After all, it is a state of mind perfect for comprehending the law of Heaven and Earth. And with the Five Elements Balance Physique, it’s as if she had two powerful physiques.

“With such talent, she could evolve Five Elements into Yin-Yang. Yin-Yang into Taiji, and Taiji into Chaos,” she muttered. “With my knowledge and ability, it should not be a problem to pa.s.s the Outlaw Trial for Taiji Dao and have some hope for Chaos.”

She could not help but think about her bright future. Each evolution would grant a law baptism that drastically increases her strength, meaning such a path would establish a better foundation for cultivation than directly comprehending Taiji Law.

“Sadly, that d.a.m.n woman won’t let this happen.” If any of the clones cultivate anything other than Five Elements Dao, she cannot benefit. So, they all have restrictions on them.

‘Ok. All I have to do is wait. Once w.a.n.g Wei frees me, my future will be bright.’ Zhen Biyu plans to wait to gain her freedom. Then, she will influence the alter ego to walk that path. And once it comprehends Yin-Yang Law, she will use some means to perfectly fuse with the alter ego.

Usually, during day-to-day events, she will be the primary personality. However, she can let the alter ego out when cultivating and using her talent.

The primary personality took a moment to calm down. As she gazed at her other self cultivating, she pondered and planned for the future.

‘Five Heart has begun to act. She must have noticed the anomaly in this generation.’ She knew she had lost control of the alter ego due to Five Heart. And in the future, the alter ego will have more changes.

Currently, it does not even have Immortal Venerable 1-Leaf strength. However, after Five Heart’s intervention, she will quickly become enlightened in the Dao of Five Elements and drastically increase her power.

And the “excuse” used to avoid Heavenly Dao’s detection is she has awakened some memories and abilities from her past life. As Zhen Biyu thought of that woman’s control over her, great anger rose deep in her heart.

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‘Be calm. Soon I will be free. Then, I will have a bright future in All Heaven Myriad World.’please visit panda(-)

‘However, there might be a way. I can extract these people’s life spans and use them as sacrifices.’ He can use much more power from the book with this method. He suddenly rushed to check on these people’s conditions.

“I should not have killed them. Luckily, a few can still be saved.” Extracting their life span from them would be more efficient if they were alive. He controlled his book and used the power of Life and Death to save a few of these people while also gathering the scattered souls of the others.

Huang Yuan placed them away before smiling. He turned around to look at his former wife: Fan Qianhan.

“Do you see? Despite your betrayal, I’m slowly walking on the path of Emperor, getting closer and closer.”

Huang Yuan sneered. Despite refining her into his slave, he kept some of her consciousness so she could experience all the suffering he inflicted on her and watch him reach the top. And once he proves the Dao, he will release her consciousness to watch the regret dawn on her.

‘I can believe I have to use resources in this waste,’ thought Huang Yuan, suddenly disgusted after looking at her. After his defeat, many people in the Loose Cultivator Alliance began to doubt him and even considered reducing his resources and even his t.i.tle as Heaven Chosen.

Huang Yuan quickly realized why these loose cultivators could never equal sects and great clans: they lacked unity. As soon as some troubles arrive, their independent natures take over, leading to distrust, hesitation, and infighting.

Luckily, he acted swiftly to show them his power after completely refining the book. However, he also no longer trusted the Alliance Lords and upper echelons of the alliance.

So, he began to take power rapidly and control the alliance. And with his talent and strength, it was no problem to defeat the other and convince the elders. Nevertheless, he did not trust other people from the alliance to lead his troops for the Heaven Will Battle.

Huang Yuan then decided to use Fan Qianhan since she was the only person incapable of betraying him.

“Go get the troops. We are going to hide,’ he ordered, not wanting to deal with the current chaos.

Huang Yuan suddenly turned around to see a man holding a sword looking at him. He instantly became serious since he felt a significant threat.

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