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Chapter 809: Yes! I banged your car

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Chapter 809: Yes! I banged your car

Next morning.

It was a gloomy day with an overcast sky.

Dong Xuebing slowly washed up in his guesthouse room and looked out the window. He was wearing a sweater knitted by his mother last year.

Dong Xuebing’s phone rang when he was about to leave his room.

It was Xie Huilan. “Haha…. Is my little husband still sleeping?”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. “Look at the time. How can I sleep when I got to work? I am about to leave for work now. Why are you up so early?”

“I am used to it. I woke up to do some reading.”

“Are you still in Beijing? When will your transfer order be issued?”

“It’s issued, and I will be reporting in a few days. Did you miss me?”

“Of course. Come over, and I can move into your apartment. I am staying in a guesthouse now.”

“Haha…. How was your work? I had called to ask you about your work.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head when he heard this. “Don’t talk about it. It is the same every time. Many people pick on me because of my age. It was the same in Public Security and the Investment Promotion Agency. You should have seen his face. He is only a Deputy Director, and he occupies two parking lots. He also has a disrespectful tone. I wonder if he is my superior.”

“Why did he go against you?”

“I had s.n.a.t.c.hed this position from him. He was supposed to be promoted to Division Chief.”

“Ok. I can guess the situation. Wait for me to arrive.”

“It will be too late. Stay out of this. I have ways to deal with him.”

“We were married for a few days, and you had forgotten what I said. You must listen to me this time. Wait for me. You are new, and it’s not good for you to create a mess. Do you understand?”

“He had climbed over my head, and he will think I am scared of him if I don’t deal with him.”

“What I meant is not to be rash. Think before you act. Alright. I know you will not listen. Just do whatever you want. But you must remember to keep a low profile. Of course, don’t hold back if you are forced into a corner. We are not afraid of anyone.”

“Yes…. You are right. Let me think of a good way to teach him a lesson.”

“Haha…. That’s all. Kiss me before you hang up, ok?”

Dong Xuebing kissed his phone. “Did you hear it?”


“You should also give me a kiss.”

“Haha…. I am busy now. Bye.”

“Hey, you still have not kissed me.”

“Go to work. You will be late.”

“Kiss me first. h.e.l.lo?”

Du…. Du…. Du…. Xie Huilan hung up.

Xie Huilan loved to tease Dong Xuebing, making him speechless.

Nevertheless, Dong Xuebing would still listen to his wife’s advice. Xie Huilan’s words made him cold down slightly. He should not make a big deal as he is new here.

Morning, 8.40 am.

Dong Xuebing drove into the City Party Committee Building compound slowly after getting the entry permit.

When Dong Xuebing entered the compound, he saw two staff members from his department pus.h.i.+ng their bicycles. They were Zhu Zhu and Fei Fan.

“Director.” Fei Fan saw Dong Xuebing and greeted him.

Zhu Zhu quickly turned and looked at the car. “Good morning, Director.”

“Good morning.” Dong Xuebing nodded with a smile.

After that, Dong Xuebing did not return to the parking lot in front of the City Government Building. He drove towards the Commission for Discipline inspection building. He had warned Liu Hanqing yesterday and believed he would stop hogging two lots. Even Zhu Zhu and Fei Fan did not think Liu Hanqing would continue to go against him openly.

But the reality was different from their expectations.

When Dong Xuebing turned into the carpark, he got mad.

The parking lots were full again, and that black Toyota Crown had occupied two lots again! But today was slightly better than yesterday. He left a gap in the next lot, but its wheel had crossed the line. The s.p.a.ce was not enough to fit a car. It was like this yesterday morning and afternoon.

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Zhu Zhu and Fei Fan were stunned.

“What is Deputy Director Liu trying to do?”

“I heard he is going to be transferred. It will be happening either today or tomorrow.”

“But he still should not do this. This is not the period when his mother was still working here.”

Everyone, especially the Inspection First Office staff, was looking out of the window. Some Discipline Inspection staff were on their way to work and stood outside looking at the commotion. Zhu Zhu and Fei Fan pretended to lock their bicycles.

By right, the Commission for Discipline Inspection leader should have said something. How can a Deputy park his car in a way that blocks his Director from parking? It had happened yesterday, and no leaders had said a word. Dong Xuebing knew it must be either Liu Hanqing was close to the leaders, or he was not welcomed here. The second possibility stood a higher chance. The Commission for Discipline Inspection leaders refused to interfere because they tried to put Dong Xuebing in place and see how he would handle it. This is a test of his ability.

“Hey, what do you think Director Dong will do?”

“Liu Hanqing is going to be transferred away. It’s hard for him to deal with him.”

“What else can he do other than looking for another parking lot? It’s almost time for work, and he can’t be sounding his horn the whole day here.”

Beep… beep….

Beep… beep… beep….

Liu Hanqing refused to come out, and Dong Xuebing continued to press his car horn.

At this moment, a Commission for Discipline Inspection leader shouted from upstairs. “Stop sounding your horn! If you can’t park here, look for another lot! We have lots of parking lots here!” This leader did not show his face, and no one knew who he was. But no matter who he was, he held a higher rank than Dong Xuebing. Or else he will not speak to Dong Xuebing in this tone.

The staff knew the show was over as the leader had scolded.

But Dong Xuebing was p.i.s.sed by what the leader said. Liu Hanqing had hogged two lots, pretended not to hear his car horns, and refused to s.h.i.+ft his car. It was like this yesterday, and it was happening again today. Now, it had become Dong Xuebing’s fault for sounding his horn, and he had to look for another lot outside.


When Dong Xuebing’s foul temper acts up, he doesn’t care about the consequences.

The staff was about to return to work when they were shocked by Dong Xuebing’s actions. 

Dong Xuebing reversed his car at high speed to create some s.p.a.ce. He stepped on the accelerator, roaring his Porsche engine, and sped forward.

Bam! The Panamera’s hood hit the Toyota Crown and pushed it one meter back, creating a s.p.a.ce.

After that, Dong Xuebing parked his car in the lot and got out.

No one dared to say a word.

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