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Chapter 3780 - 3780 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (8)

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Chapter 3780 - 3780 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (8)

3780 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (8)

Li Moying couldn’t tell the truth about the real situation. He tried to trick the Elders with excuses, but they were worried about it and insisted on pestering him to get to the bottom of it.

Liu Buyan racked his brains to give a perfunctory answer while resenting his Junior Sister endlessly in his heart.

It’s just to channel the evil qi in the dantian. With Li Moying’s comprehension, does it really take so long to learn it?

Could it be that she was hiding inside and doing impure things again?


He warned them for so long last night, did they just ignore his words?!

“Sorry, Patriarch Li, excuse me…”

Liu Buyan was planning to go behind the screen to check the situation in person, but at this moment, there were bursts of eager footsteps outside the door.

Everyone turned around in surprise and looked at the door.

As they didn’t close the door before, the visitors came in directly through the door.

“Second Uncle, Second Uncle! I heard that Brother Moying woke up, is it true?”

Li Leyun couldn’t walk very much by herself, so she was pushed in by the guards in a wheelchair.

When Li s.h.i.+hong saw that she was here, his first reaction was to frown.

“Li Leyun, how did you know that Moying had woken up? I seem to have only notified a few Elders…”

Li Leyun couldn’t help but hesitate, but she immediately found a reason, “That… that… I think the weather was good today, I went to the yard to get some fresh air, and I saw a few Elders coming in this direction, so I guessed… …guessed Moying brother has woken up…”

“Is that really the case?” Li s.h.i.+hong obviously didn’t believe it.

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It was only then that Li Leyun realized that it was not the time for her to come here, but she still bit the bullet and said, “Yes… that’s how it is…”

But who knew, he was scolded by Li s.h.i.+hong in front of so many people.

Li Leyun was embarra.s.sed and she didn’t know what to do, but Li s.h.i.+hong had lost his patience, and angrily shouted at the guard behind her: “What are you doing here? Send Li Leyun back immediately, and the confinement time will be extended to two months!”

When Li Leyun heard this, she became anxious and begged: “Second Uncle, I was wrong, I know I was wrong! Don’t drive me back! I was too worried about Brother Moying, so I insisted on running here. Yes, let me take a look at Brother Moying and I’ll leave! Please!”

Li s.h.i.+hong frowned. He couldn’t bear to refuse her begging.

Although his niece was not good in every way, she really cares about Li Moying, so it doesn’t matter if she takes a look.


“Then wait a moment, Moying was not feeling well just now, and Divine Doctor Li is treating him behind the screen!”

“What?!” Li Leyun’s expression changed suddenly, “Brother Moying is alone with that woman again?”

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