I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Biting Peaches

Chapter 833 - Handsome Little Piece of Fresh Meat

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Chapter 833: Handsome Little Piece of Fresh Meat

Where is this?

Su Jiu looked around. At that moment, the door to the warehouse opened and a tall figure walked in against the light. Su Jiu immediately turned around and saw an extremely familiar face!

Except that it had been a long time.

She had never expected to meet Qin Feng here!

Ever since Qin Feng went to jail and left the industry more than ten years ago, there had been no news of him. Although news of him occasionally appeared on the Internet and some of his die-hard fans were calling for him to return, he had never appeared again. It was as if he had disappeared from the face of the earth. Yet now, she unexpectedly saw him.

Su Jiu stared at him, certain that she was not mistaken. She was indescribably shocked.

It was not that she did not know she would meet a bad person, but she did not expect the bad person to be Qin Feng!

Compared to the handsome young hunk he was over ten years ago, Qin Feng had aged a little. He looked more weathered and haggard. A few shallow scars were on his face, and his chin was covered in light stubble. His figure was not as thin as before. He was wearing a wrinkled s.h.i.+rt and pants. He looked rather simple and did not look as glamorous as before.

In short, the dazzling celebrity back then had already become an ordinary pa.s.serby.

Now, he made her feel the same way she had when she first met her father.

Qin Feng approached her and stopped a meter away from her, looking down at her with a sinister aura.

His lips curved. That smile was eerie and chilling.

“Little girl, long time no see. I didn’t expect you to have grown so big,” Qin Feng said as he squatted in front of Su Jiu and grasped her chin. “Look at your tender skin. Su Shengjing seems to have raised you well.”

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He squeezed so hard that Su Jiu felt as if her jawbone was about to shatter. Pain shot through her, and she gritted her teeth in silence.

Rong Si and the others must have already realized that she was missing. She wondered how worried they would be. If her parents found out, they would be even more worried.

She took a breath and struggled to maintain her composure. “What the h.e.l.l do you want?”

“What do I want?” Qin Feng smiled. His white teeth made his smile even more terrifying. “Do you know how I’ve lived all these years?”

“I don’t want to know!”

“It’s all thanks to Su Shengjing that I’ve suffered all these years! If not for him, how would I have fallen to this state today? Therefore, I have to let him have a taste of this pain.”

Qin Feng glared at her face, which was similar to Su Shengjing’s. It was as if he could see Su Shengjing through her. His eyes were filled with hatred.

Su Jiu swallowed.?I’d like to say that you’re only like this because you asked for it.

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