Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!


Chapter 2468

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The iron door closed with a clang. The sound of the lock was heard. Ye Jian turned around and walked out of the slightly dim room.

However, there was a possibility that Ye Zhifan was scheming. With Du Jiayi and the relations.h.i.+p between the Xia and Du families, she might really go against Madam Li in the future.

But not now.

Ye Zhifan was right. Her enemy wasn’t simple.

All the clues pointed to the fact that the person who caused her mother’s death was someone with high authority in the military. Only such a person could push Ye Zhifan from a village official to a high official step by step.


She, Grandpa Gen, Captain Xia knew, the military, and the Military Disciplinary Committee knew. That was why they were so cautious.

As she walked, Ye Jian slowed down again. She said, “Groom Sun Ying… well…” She frowned slightly.

Groom Sun Ying… well…

The jade was something her mother left behind. Ye Zhifan suspected that it was a keepsake her father left for her mother. He might even be able to find her father using it, but the jade wasn’t in his hands… As it was in Sun Ying’s hands, the person behind the scenes knew about the jade and asked Ye Zhifan to groom Sun Ying well. At the same time, he wanted to cripple her so that no one would find out…

Ye Jian walked out of the prison and went to the cafe where Hou Zi and his wife were waiting for her. As she walked slowly, she thought about some things.

After stringing her thoughts together, she had a bold guess. Could it be that the person behind the jade wanted Sun Ying to replace her?

He wanted Sun Ying to return to the Fu family?

Ye Jian denied it immediately.

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In this era, one wouldn’t simply acknowledge a relative with just a token. Elder Brother had specially taken a strand of her hair and a short strand of hair from her father’s bedroom to do a DNA test. To be safe, he even took samples from a toothbrush.

Ye Jian raised her head and looked up. She only saw the black car roof that was reflected by the sun. There was a green belt between them, so she couldn’t even see the license plate of the black car clearly.

However, she knew that someone in the black sedan was looking at her intently.

When she walked out of the Southern Province’s police station, the sun was already high in the sky. There was also a heat wave.

Ye Jian didn’t sweat much. After walking for more than 200 meters, she felt refreshed. Compared to the sweaty pa.s.sersby, Ye Jian felt so refreshed that there was no sweat on her face or forehead.

Sunlight shone through the leaves. A few rays of sunlight shone on her face, making her skin as smooth as white porcelain. It was translucent and crystalline. When a young lady walked past her, she couldn’t help but glance at her.

After walking across the road and crossing the zebra crossing, Ye Jian stood on the other side of the road and saw the cafe behind the shade of a tree.

She raised her head and glanced at the cafe. She moved her feet and stood behind a tree. Her gaze landed on a man in a suit on a hot day. “You’ve been following me for dozens of meters. What’s the matter?”

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