Shoujo Grand Summoning


Chapter 1239: Confidence? The cruel reality

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Chapter 1239: Confidence? The cruel reality

Floating in midair, Miku manifested a giant church organ after donning her Astral Dress. Her keys emitted waves of power that spread outwards with magical ripples.

Her beautiful keystrokes were woven into a beautiful piece of music that formed a semi-spherical barrier that covered the entire central plaza.

With this, anyone who listens to her song will instinctively stay away. The listeners will move some distance away and then completely forget about the central plaza's appearance or task to do there.

Miku's Gabriel is the perfect ability to control the crowd. She can minimize panic and evacuate people orderly. Indeed, no one got hurt when she evacuated them under her control spell. The AST who got hit by her spells also returned to base obediently.

Kurumi's arrangement was on point. Without Miku, it would be very hard to get the situation under control.

Miku kept tapping away at the keys while keeping an eye on the explosions within the plaza.

"Is Darling okay?"

Tohka is also worried although she is still carrying an unconscious Tohka.

"Is s.h.i.+do going to be fine?"

"I am he is going to be okay…"

Tohka and Miku were pacified by Yos.h.i.+no, it sounded like she is trying to a.s.sure herself as well. Her bunny hoodie emitted swoosh sounds when she shook her head.

"s.h.i.+do-nii is very strong…"


Miku loosened up.

"Darling is so powerful Ellen couldn't even come close. I don't think Origami can do anything to Darling!"

"Dang that Origami, why is she trying to kill s.h.i.+do?!"

Tohka yelled.

"s.h.i.+do did nothing wrong!"

"I mean, even if you shout at me, I don't know the answer."

Miku pursed her lips.

"I just met Origami today, if you guys didn't call out her name then I would have pegged her as just another cute girl. However, since she is trying to hurt Darling, it seems I can't invite her for tea anymore."

"You want to drink tea with that psycho girl? No way!"

Tohka mumbled. It seems she is giving Miku more trust than warranted. Yos.h.i.+no also wasn't sure if she is serious.

Yos.h.i.+no's eyes turned misty when she looked at the exploding plaza.

"s.h.i.+do-nii-chan, please come back soon…"


Another Maryoku bolt hit the plaza ground before causing another explosion that filled the area with flames and dust.


Origami condensed her Territory to bolster her defense. Then, she unsheathed the laser blade at the tip of her cannon before slicing down at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan furrowed his brows. This attack had no mercy behind it. The Maryoku flow on it is serious business.


Wu Yan infused his fingers with mana before pinching her laser sword.

Ignoring the sparks on his fingers, he told Origami off.

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"Not giving up? You should know by now that you can't win, right?"

Similarly, she can defeat the culprit behind the murder of her parents.

She remembered the scene where Wu Yan killed her parents. Instantly, the hatred within her took over. She lifted her cannon to point at the smoldering spot in front of her.


A hand pressed down her cannon. The owner of the voice sounded sad, pitiful, and unwilling. He sighed.

"You're strong. Even some spirits might not be your opponent. But, you're far from being able to take me on."

Origami turned vicious at once.

She morphed her cannon into a laser blade before stabbing at Wu Yan.


Her blade couldn't even touch Wu Yan. Instead, a strong shockwave hit her stomach and her vision immediately blurred.

Origami ignored the pain as she returned a slash.


This time, the shockwave grew in intensity. Her frail figure couldn't resist the punch as she got sent flying into a nearby stall.


Origami got covered in the rubble of the stalls she hit.

That punch shattered her confidence.

Reality can be cruel…

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