Shoujo Grand Summoning


Chapter 1398:

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Chapter 1398:

“Actually, I’ve been wanting to meet you guys for quite a while now.”

Oswald said soon after officiating the dinner.

“Rowan, Ash, and Eco, thanks to your contributions, we managed to defend against the attacks of the Necromantia. Your actions saved Ansullivan.”

Ozwald bowed once.

“As the king, I would like to thank you on behalf of the citizens of my country.”


Silvia and Veronica flinched in shock.

“My King…”

Ash also gasped.

Wu Yan and Eco didn’t antic.i.p.ate this.

He is the holder of the highest office in Lautreamont.

By standard customs, it is highly inappropriate for a king to bow to a bunch of students.

They are not even n.o.bles. This is why the two princesses grimaced.

“Look at yourself, is this how a king should conduct himself?”

Veronica frowned.

“You’re the king, don’t bow down for anyone without just causes, you think they would be happy to see you bowing like this?”

“This is justified.”

Oswald retorted.

“Rowan defeated Captain Ursula, he is also our guard for the next few days. Since you already verified his powers, he will no doubt serve as the pillar of our nation in the future. Eco is the descendant of the proud Avalon Dragons, she is a royal just like us. As for her master, Ash stands at the same level too. I see no reason why I shouldn’t bow when giving my thanks.”

Veronica was stumped for words.

“They will become core members of our nation. This isn’t just a friendly dinner.”

Oswald said.

“Put down your pride and improve together with these promising members of our society, can you do that for me?”

Veronica knew when she spoke out of line, she agreed silently while Silvia also nodded.

Wu Yan revised his perception of the Knight King.

Ash and Wu Yan weren't n.o.bles, no matter how he tried to frame it.

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This is how he won over the hearts of the people.

Although he might screw up his other tasks, his head is still in the game.”

“Please, you’re too kind.”

Wu Yan nodded.

“Princess Veronica is protecting the country too. Moreover, Princess Silvia personally fought against the Necromantias during both attacks, shouldn’t they be praised too?”

“I will never forget my daughters’ brilliant performances.”

Oswald praised Wu Yan before laughing out loud.

“I read the reports multiple times, I know when my girl did well during the attacks.”

“I-It wasn’t a big deal.”

Silvia bashfully lowered her head.

Wu Yan tried to tease the king.

“The Knight King sure loves his daughters.”

“You got that right!”

Oswald stuck his chest out proudly.

“My daughters are all superstars, I love them to the bones!”

“This guy…”

Silvia is embarra.s.sed by her doting father. Even Veronica is awkward around Ozwald when he is like this.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan enjoyed this show of affection.

“I sure am jealous of the princesses. With a father like you, no matter how grave the sin, I bet you would take the heat for them, right?”

“They are my daughters, any fault and burden that falls upon them must be shared with me.”

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Oswald said proudly.


Wu Yan looked up.

“That means I am right, he is still alive.”

Oswald turned pale after realizing the implications of his words.

“My brother…”

Silvia turned dark.

“He is still alive.”


Veronica grabbed her father by his collar.

“Do you realize what you have done? Our country is now in a perilous situation because of you!”

If word gets out that the dragon killer, Julius is still alive, the residents of this nation will not rest peacefully.

It looks awfully suspicious that Julius, the prince escaped the death penalty whereas other sinners on his level got capital punishment. Enemy nations can also use this to cast doubt on the nation’s leaders.h.i.+p and the integrity of the royal family.

They could see how this scandal if it ever gets out would ruin the nation’s political stability.


Ozwald was at a loss of words.

“I am not condemning your actions. You did what every father would do in your position.”

Wu Yan stood up.

“Your actions, however, aren’t the actions of a just king.”

“If you will excuse me, that is all…”

Wu Yan went for the door.


Veronica also left the dinner while clicking her tongue. Silvia hurriedly followed them with Cossette in tow.

Ash and Eco were left picking up the pieces while Ozwald sighed like a tired old man on the ground.

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