Spirit Vessel

Jiu Dang Jia - 九当家

Chapter 1144: Who Is This Woman?

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Chapter 1144: Who Is This Woman?

“Oh? Look, they’re bringing something back.” Ximen Chuixiao suddenly stopped talking about his romantic exploit and focused his gaze into the distance.

Sure enough, Feiyun saw the troublemakers sneaking back with great speed. They were carrying wrapped around by a white blanket. Talismans were placed on top in order to prevent anything from leaking out.

“Fast, fast, don’t be spotted!” Mao Laos.h.i.+ led the way, looking left and right. However, it forgot to look up so it didn’t see Feiyun and Chuixiao.

Feiyun shook his head disapprovingly. It seemed that even the innocent fruit couldn’t escape from their bad influence. It must have been a treasure - someone got unlucky tonight.

He made up his mind to not let s.h.i.+ Lan be together with Chuixiao. Thus, he continued drinking and stopped asking about Chuixiao’s secrets.

After all, everyone had secrets and Chuixiao didn’t ask about his. Their meeting was fate so it was fine to enjoy good times together. Who knows if they will be able to meet again in the future?

The two drank a bit and became slightly drunk. Feiyun left and staggered back to his place. It has been a long time since he last drank this much.

Mortals drank regular wine. Cultivators drank wine meant for cultivators, and the same would apply to even saints. The alcohol content in their wine was rather ridiculous.

“He’s coming, he’s coming, keke, they drank so much tiger-bone wine, wait, what if his decision-making is being affected?” The turtle started worrying.

“That’s your problem. I gave her an aphrodisiac potion strong enough to affect dragons, her cultivation means nothing here. Boss, get ready to pay up.” The dragon smiled.

Feiyun entered his room and recognized the traces of an intruder right away. He focused up and became cautious.

He didn’t have enemies in Ethereal yet with the exception of Zhang Guyue. However, the guy didn’t have the courage to offend a demon monarch from an immemorial race.

Someone sent by Shui Yueting? He thought of this possibility since she could be considered an enemy.

He took a deep breath and gazed at his ivory bed. Although the curtain was down, he could see the outline of a woman.

Next to the bed was a pair of shoes made from precious jade meant for cold weather, a ribbon with orchid embroidery…

He recalled that this was part of the white-robed priestess’ uniform.

So Shui Yueting did send someone here. Given her cultivation, she should know of my presence. Why didn’t she come herself?

He sat down at the table in front of the bed and poured a cup of green tea before sipping: “May I ask which priestess you are?”

“I’m burning… it’s hot…” The woman let out moans while tossing and turning restlessly.

Feiyun frowned again. These priestesses were prestigious, why would one be lying on his bed right now?

They were chosen meticulously before being trained. She couldn’t be resorting to this method to deal with him.

He came over and lifted the curtain. What he saw astounded him - the fair figure of a priestess being exposed.

She had a blue undergarment that had been pulled down, revealing her ample bosoms and their alluring pink dots.

“It’s hot…” Her hair was a mess; some strands draped down her white-white neck and b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her dark eyebrows arched gracefully above her seductive eyes. Her nose was exquisitely sculpted and her lips let out s.e.xy moans.

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Her cheeks were flushed with a rosy hue as she caressed her own breast. The other hand ventured into her cute underwear, seemingly rubbing something continuously. A few strands of black hair could be seen peeking out.

“How the h.e.l.l did this woman know? We were so careful.” The turtle complained.

“Whatever, we’ll capture her too for interfering with our bet.” The dragon said.

“Makes sense.”

Many members of Aquamoon have arrived - the red-robed priestess, the other white-robed priestesses, Zhang Guyue, and other disciples of Cosmic Sword Dao.

A few last-gen cultivators came to watch this unforgivable offense as well.

The blood dragon flew up to the roof of the inn and looked at the human cultivators. It focused its gaze at Zhang Guyue and said: “Brat, this is because you didn’t bring me the virgins, that’s why I had to take back what I’m owed myself.”

“She is a white-robed priestess of Aquamoon.” Zhang Guyue had an ugly expression.

“Just another piece of flesh to me.” The dragon laughed.

“What have you done to her?” Shangguan Mingqian released her sword and activated her domain.

“Of course I’ve eaten her, so tender too, delicious.” The dragon laughed.

“Die!” Shangguan Mingqian formed a sword mudra with her middle and index finger. She drew an arc in the air and her sword immediately pierced through the defensive formations to attack.

Though she appeared furious, her dao heart and expression were rather calm. Her eyes were sharper than her sword energy.

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