Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Gao Qing - 高擎

2283 Chapter 2287

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Luo Keke shook her head. “Xiao Xiao is fine. She asked me to take a look. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Lin Wei smiled after hearing that. “Everything is fine here. There’s no need for help. Miss Luo, you can stay by young Madam’s side with Peace of mind.”

Luo Keke nodded. “That’s good.”

? “Miss Luo!”Lin Wei suddenly called out to Luo Keke, who had already turned around and was walking back.

Luo Keke turned around. “What’s wrong, Mr. Lin?”

Lin Wei paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “You look very beautiful today.”

Luo Keke laughed out loud when she heard that. She casually tugged at the pink gauze dress on her body, “This is the first time I’m wearing a dress like this. I’m not used to it. In order to be Xiao Qian’s maid of honor, I washed off all the tattoos on my body. I’m afraid that others will gossip about Xiao Qian behind her back if they see her having a maid of honor like me.”

Lin Wei’s eyes deepened. “Young Madam Won’t care about these things. You’re her best friend.”

Luo Keke nodded in understanding, “Of course, I know that Xiao Peng won’t care about these things. Otherwise, she wouldn’t let me be her only maid of honor. But it’s precisely because Xiao Peng doesn’t care that I can’t let others gossip about her because of me.”

Lin Wei’s eyes surged with emotion. “Most people use the term ‘life and death friends.h.i.+p’to describe the friends.h.i.+p between men. But I feel that Miss Luo and young madam can also be called ‘life and Death Friends.h.i.+p’.”

Hearing Lin Wei’s words, Luo Keke was a little embarra.s.sed, “Mr. Lin, if you don’t need my help with anything, I’ll go back and accompany Xiao Peng. That girl says she’s not nervous, but I can actually see that she’s extremely nervous.”

Lin Wei chuckled. “Okay...”suddenly, the man’s eyes lit up, “Miss Luo, I indeed don’t need your help with anything right now. However, I also have a tattoo that I want to wash off. Do you have any more reliable recommendations?”

Luo Keke was stunned. “Mr. Lin, with your status, would you still go to the small places that I recommend?”

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Lin Wei nodded. “I’m resting tomorrow. Can you accompany me?”

Jun Jun looked at herself in the mirror and pretended to be experienced, “This is what you call being in the middle is confusing! When the ceremony starts, you have to stay by my side, and Lin Wei will be in charge of the crowd control. You Won’t have time to talk at all. “You’re so beautiful today. You have to show up in front of him.”

Luo Keke looked at Jun Jun in a daze. This was the ignorant little Jun Jun from before. “So, you deliberately asked me to ask Lin Wei if he needs help?”

“Of course!”Jun Jun Jun looked at Luo Keke with a look of discussion. “Sister Keke, you have to work hard. I’ll just sit and wait to drink your wedding wine with Mr. Lin.”

Luo Keke did not expect that she would one day be ridiculed by this little girl, Jun Jun, and her face immediately turned red. “Stupid Girl, you set me up!”

When Ruan Mingxiao knocked on the door and came in, he happened to see his little bride and her bridesmaid laughing together. The Man’s face was full of affection. “Time’s up.”


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