The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 1174: Apologize

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Chapter 1174: Apologize

He bit his lip, glanced at Cai Yu, and continued, “After the results were released, I knew that I had made a mistake, but I was afraid that the academy would hold me accountable, so I never dared to say it. It has nothing to do with Deputy President Cai. He didn’t read the content of Xi Yue’s answer sheet during the a.s.sessment, so he didn’t know how much Xi Yue scored. It was me… I knew that Chen Jiancheng couldn’t have scored 999 points, but I didn’t dare to speak out for fear of being punished.”

Zhang Chong’s voice was slightly sobbing. He lowered his head and said, “It is my mistake that caused Xi Yue’s troubles. I’m willing to accept any punishment!”

The square was silent, and everyone was looking at Zhang Chong, Lu Zhixi, Cai Yu and others.

Someone whispered, “That is the most important entrance examination, but the people of the Academy Student Council are actually so irresponsible.”

“Yeah right! They didn’t know the black bear went rampant and even framed Xi Yue for cheating. Does the Academy Student Council have the ability to lead the students of the entire academy?”

“Did Cai Yu really not read Xi Yue’s answer sheet? Then he really wasn’t serious in it… or did he read it and deliberately didn’t say it out of jealousy?”

“That Chen Jiancheng is too disgusting. He knew that he didn’t score that, but he still showed off with the t.i.tle of top scorer and even entered the Academy Student Council. No wonder I always feel something wrong in him!”

“Haiz, Xi Yue is the most pitiful. At first, he was framed for cheating, only now he realizes that even his grades have been changed.”

Lu Zhixi bit her lips tightly, feeling that she was enveloped in shame and malice.

The Academy Student Council and she as the president had always been high and respected at Miracle Healer Academy. But now, everyone was beginning to question their ability and character.

She seemed to see the day when she was dragged down from the heaven because of Xi Yue.

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She absolutely wouldn’t allow this to happen!

Lu Zhixi’s eyes flickered with darkness for a while. Asking her to apologize to Xi Yue was more painful than plucking out her heart.

But with so many people looking at her in the square, she couldn’t escape at all.

Lu Zhixi took a deep breath, walked in front of Hexi, and leaned over slowly, “Xi Yue, I’m sorry. It was our Academy Student Council’s misconduct that wronged you. But…”

She paused and said, “Xi Yue, if you knew that there was a problem with your score, why didn’t you report it to the invigilator as soon as the results of the written a.s.sessment were announced? In this way, we can deal with the problem earlier, and it didn’t have to develop into the current situation. Can you explain that?”

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