The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Shui Qing Zhu - 水清竹

2945 Chapter 2945 face smacking

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Mountain Ma.s.ster Zhuo didn’t continue the conversation with the head of the fan family. Instead, he said, “Head of the fan family, let’s go up and take a look at the situation first!”

The head of the fan family was quite dissatisfied with mountain ma.s.ster Zhuo’s interruption of his bragging. However, thinking about it, fan jiquan and Fan Mingchuan had made a great contribution this time. There would be plenty of opportunities to brag in the future, so it wouldn’t be too late, thus, he nodded and led a portion of the Alliance army to climb up the mountain peak.

When the head of the fan clan and the others reached the mountain peak, they discovered that many of them were members of the Alliance of itinerant cultivators. A little girl was standing on a large rock and lecturing:

“That’s right, this battle has brought out the glory of our alliance of itinerant cultivators! This battle has brought out the iron bones of our immortal essence cultivators! “Now, all of you, open your eyes wide and stare at those sc.u.m from the nightmare race. Don’t let them have any chance to take advantage of this. “When the Allied army sends reinforcements, we can successfully retreat and hide our achievements and FAME!”

Everyone was stunned. Leng Xiaojiu? Why was she and the people from the unaffiliated cultivator alliance here? Shouldn’t they be stationed at the gust of wind?

The head of the fan family thought about it and felt that he understood the ins and outs of the matter! The blast was relatively close to the yellow mud mound, so Jiquan sent people to ask for help from the unaffiliated cultivator alliance. That was why Leng Xiaojiu sent people over.

Thinking of this, the head of the fan family’s face suddenly darkened. This Leng Xiaojiu was really something! It was clearly his son and grandson who had sworn to guard the yellow mud mound to the death. When they were almost done guarding it, she, Leng xiaojiu, had come to take advantage of it, and now she was still spouting nonsense. What a scoundrel!

Thinking of this, the head of the fan family snorted coldly. “Alliance leader Leng, although you have contributed a lot by coming over to help defend the yellow mud mound, isn’t it a little too much? Where are Jiquan and Ming Chuan?”

Yun Chujiu looked at the head of the fan family with a faint smile. “A little too much? Head of the fan family, don’t you think it’s a little rash to jump to a conclusion without asking what happened?”

“HMPH! I don’t need to ask to know what happened. It’s nothing more than jiequan calling for help from your loose cultivator alliance after he found out that the nightmare clan had used the yellow mud mound as a breakthrough point.

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However, the gust of wind was a full hundred li away from the yellow mud mound. By the time you arrived, jiequan had already held on for more than an hour. Your arrival was just icing on the cake!

“They didn’t die. They are still alive! However, master fan and young master fan have done some unexpected things. I believe that the head of the fan family will be very interested in them!”

The head of the fan family’s heart skipped a beat. “What… What did they do?”

“It’s not a big deal. They just joined the Yan clan,”Hei Xinjiu said faintly.

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