The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

War Nishino - 战西野

Chapter 1276

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Chapter 1276: Make Peace

Chu Liuyue turned around to look.

The person talking was Elder Shu Yu. His figure moved, and he rapidly came over.

Seeing him move, Elder Wan Zheng and Elder Bo Yan immediately followed him.

Probably because Chu Liuyue had settled the black-gold werewolf too swiftly, but many fiends were fearful. Hence, when they saw the three elders move, they didn’t react extremely and just looked above alertly.

“Chu Yue.” Elder Shu Yu came to Chu Liuyue, sized her up, and finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. But when he looked into Chu Liuyue’s eyes, his gaze was extremely complicated. “Don’t… fight anymore.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Then, she saw that Elder Shu Yu was embarra.s.sed.

“Um… The academy has spent quite a lot of effort nurturing the legendary fiends in Fiend Park… It’s fine if you kill two and warn them, but if you really kill them all… This Fiend Park…”

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what happened—he came to make peace.

Upon further thought, it was understandable. Not counting the ninth-grade ones, there were quite a few legendary fiends amongst the fiends in Fiend Park. Some of them seemed to have been raised here for a long time, while others were brought back from the wild through all kinds of methods by the elders and students.

The fiends’ existences were meaningful. Some students who had outstanding performance would sometimes have the opportunity to enter Fiend Park and pick their favorite fiend to make an agreement with it.

Of course, the condition was that they had to be capable enough. This was a huge wealth for the academy.

“Shu Yu, you rushed over so quickly just to say this?” Elder Wan Zheng looked at him in disbelief. What’s wrong with him!? My precious disciple almost died here! The first thing this fellow thought of was to ask Chu Yue not to continue killing?

Elder Shu Yu’s face flushed red as he coughed and glanced at Elder Bo Yan. “Wan Zheng, I don’t have a choice either, okay?! Our academy has had a hard time raising these fiends. Although they threatened Chu Yue just now, they didn’t really do anything. Besides, with the black-gold werewolf as a warning, they definitely won’t fight with Chu Yue any longer. It’s best to make peace now. Bo Yan, do you agree?”

Elder Bo Yan thought for a moment and lightly nodded. “Shu Yu is right.”


“Wan Zheng, I know your heart aches for Chu Yue, but if you allow him to continue fighting, fiends driven to the extreme might retaliate. If they’re out of their wits…” Elder Bo Yan slapped his shoulders. “For Chu Yue’s safety, it’s better to stop now!”


Even though Elder Wan Zheng was angry, he still could be reasoned with. Seeing that Bo Yan and Shu Yu had the same att.i.tude, he felt conflicted for a while and finally agreed reluctantly.

He flicked his sleeves and grunted. “Then, you must compensate our Chu Yue properly! If he wasn’t capable enough today, he might’ve just—”

Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t bear to finish his sentence, but everyone present understood what he meant.

Elder Bo Yan also laughed. “Don’t worry about that! Chu Yue has suffered quite a lot today. Even if you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t treat him badly!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Chu Yue. “Chu Yue, this was indeed caused because I didn’t consider it properly. If you want anything, you can just say it. I’ll definitely do my best to satisfy you.”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “I don’t have anything I particularly want right now… May I know if I can leave it for later and let you know later on?”

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Elder Bo Yan naturally agreed. “It’s all up to you.”

Strictly speaking, if they really wanted to kill Chu Yue as much as they did at the start, they would’ve gathered in groups and attacked. They wouldn’t have waited until now, not to mention that they directly allowed the three of us to come over.

Elder Shu Yu had stayed in Fiend Park for a while and was still quite clear about this. Hence, he took a step forward and looked down at the legendary fiends that had yet to leave with a stern gaze. He boomed, “You were the ones who instigated today’s incident. Chu Yue killed the golden cloud leopard and the black-gold werewolf in self-defense!”

His deep voice reverberated throughout the area!

“Chu Yue came here to be punished, and he has no other intentions! He has no intention of killing you! As long as both parties stay low and do not cause trouble in the remaining period, he’ll leave once the time is up! In consideration of my face, why don’t both parties each take a step back and let this incident go?!”

Elder Shu Yu said the last sentence very sincerely. He admired Chu Yue very much, and he had feelings toward Fiend Park. Thus, he naturally didn’t wish to see both parties go at each other’s throats.

It would be best if they could make peace.

After a temporary silence, a legendary fiend slowly moved back.

Once one started, the remaining ones followed suit.

The second one.

The third.

Very quickly, all the fiends in the surroundings retreated! Their figures were hidden in the mountains!

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