The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 1084: Three Sundering Sword Strikes

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Chapter 1084: Three Sundering Sword Strikes

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“Three-Heads, be sure to give that old coot a good smacking for me!” Qiao’er cheered from behind Zhuo Fan once she saw the dreadful powers clas.h.i.+ng in the sky.

Three-headed Crow turned grim at its master’s order, flapping his wings hard, “Black Astral Wind Annihilation!”


The winds flooded the sky like a stampede, encroaching on Invincible Sword, trapping him within and closing in to seal his fate. The pressure was enough to stick the robe to his body, pus.h.i.+ng harder and harder on him. Even his bones were creaking. 


The Sword Kings cried out, sweating from worry. Against such power the likes of which they had never seen before, they themselves would’ve died on the spot if they were in the Invincible Sword’s stead right now.

And that was just from the pressure alone. Once the winds truly struck, then their Patriarch…

They grew more restless as fear fed them worst-case scenarios. Their nails dug into their palms, drawing blood without them even knowing.

Ouyang Changqing and the others witnessed such a shocking scene with glee. The Invincible Sword’s legend was about to die. 

Only Zhuo Fan and the three old timers were calm.

The end of this fight between the man and beast wasn’t just a mere conclusion to the war, but also the declaration of who stood at the top, who was the strongest. 

This was a pract.i.tioner’s honor and conviction, something no profane reason could stain. Zhuo Fan felt this on his own skin, thus he watched this fight for no other reason than that.

They all wanted to see the shocking showdown of the strongest, and how far they were from the top.


As the power grew more savage in its approach, it caused his old bones to stiffen up. And with any flaring of its aura, pain speared through his whole body. 

What was truly astounding was that he was sweating as well. Baili Yutian gnashed his teeth to bear through it, even as he wore an exciting smile and a lively gaze. He did not fear it, but relished it.

[He-he-he, how many years has it been since I felt such pain?]

[This is a battle. This is how I should live, ha-ha-ha…]

Laughing on the inside, Baili Yutian shouted and grip his sword tighter. His whole body shone purple while the Sundering Sword flickered with lightning.

“First of the Three Sundering Sword Strikes, All-conquering!” 


As the black winds were upon him, Baili Yutian’s hand tightened. His bones creaked and his body unleashed surges of lightning. With a sudden s.h.i.+ft, a sword wave was unleashed in every direction, sweeping all in its path.


The sky thundered and the earth boiled as everything around quaked. From the Invincible Sword, a powerful purple lightning storm spread out and as it met the black winds, they stalled for a second before decimating the winds.

The purple lightning destroyed everything in its path, retaking back control of the skies, bringing back its purple hues. The terrible lightning slammed from up above, like performing a victory dance.


Three-headed Crow was flung back, flipping a dozen times, his eyes wild from shock.

[H-how can a mere human…]


It was too soon to be amazed as a sudden explosion came from its body, burning through his feathers. The stench of it filled its nose.

Three-headed Crow was overwhelmed, looking at the wound as it let out black smoke in disbelief.

[A human actually wounded me?]

This was a wound Sundering Sword made. The Invincible Sword used the chance when the black winds were countered to harm him. 

The audience gaped at such an outcome. Even the Sword Kings were flabbergast.

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They said none could fight a 9th level imperial beast, but now it was wounded. What made it worse was that it came in retaliation from its own attack. 

Its pride thus could not accept how an inferior human being actually came to harm it. Where would its dignity be among fellow spiritual beasts? And worse, what would it tell Kunpeng?

Had it no pride?

Three-headed Crow was outraged, shaking its heads and glaring at the Invincible Sword with intent to kill.

Spiritual beasts lacked the admiration humans had for true experts.

[You shamed me and now I’ll kill you!] 

It was just that simple for beasts.

It was so enraged its fury was just short combusting. Qiao’er, the cute thing, was so considerate she fanned the flames, “Three-heads, if you lose, I’m going to tell the chief. Doesn’t uncle hate letting go of others? He sent you to help yet you come back humiliated. Is there no one under him good at anything? We might as well not even ask for help the next time, let him retire instead.” 

Three-headed Crow saw the warning in Qiao’er’s gaze and sighed.

[You are the company you keep. This girl is as twisted as that Zhuo Fan, twisting the knife where it hurts. And hurt, it does.]

Three-headed Crow feared nothing but the sacred beasts. Now Kunpeng sent him on an errand, under another’s command. 

[It looks like having this la.s.s fanning the flames will make my life h.e.l.l.]

[Curse you, spoiled brat, getting so smug for having the Sundering Thunder Phoenix inheritance. Stop playing cute with me, you’re nothing but a 6th level spiritual beast!] 

[You dare tell me what to do? Your mom was s.h.i.+vering every time she saw me. Why not me instead?]

[We’re both birds, so why can’t I catch a lucky break? It me off!] 

Sighing hard, Three-headed Crow’s mood sank as his thoughts took a worse turn. Though not like it could talk back to her, since things were different now, a reborn phoenix and all that nonsense. 

[The la.s.s will soon be just another boss!]

Three-headed Crow’s cold eyes turned to its only target, the Invincible Sword. 

[It’s all his fault and today he’ll die…]

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