You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 746 (Our Emperor)

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Chapter 746 (Our Emperor)

'These old men are so foolish. Now is the best opportunity for you all to attach yourselves to a powerful figure. Do you really want me to take the initiative to say it?'


Ye Hua misunderstood. Those who can stay here are all honest and simple commoners. They wouldn't have such schemes in mind.

They need some guidance.

So, it's time for a sensible subordinate to appear.

Kai Yun instantly understood.

"Yue Hua, what should we do if more monsters appear?" Kai Yun asked with concern, as if she was genuinely worried.

Truly a talented actor. As a member of the team, if her acting skills weren't top-notch, she wouldn't be able to survive.

Yue Hua also understood instantly.

"Yes, if more monsters attack, I'm afraid..." Yue Hua sighed heavily after finishing her sentence.

As expected!

The old man heard it and his face changed. "Benefactor! Please don't leave!"

"What's going on?" Ye Hua asked in a deep voice.

Mainly, Ye Hua's aloof demeanour is quite intimidating, making people shiver in fear like an emperor.

The old man actually wanted to say that he was scared.

But thinking about the lives of over a hundred people, the old man made up his mind: "Benefactor! Please stay! Protect us!!!"

Ye Hua liked to hear that, but as the Supreme Overlord with a high-and-mighty att.i.tude, agreeing outright didn't seem appropriate.

"What can you offer us?" Ye Hua asked calmly. What he wanted was to become the village chief... No! The emperor!

Hearing Ye Hua's question, the old man was left dumbfounded.

What can they offer? Valoris was already in shambles. What could they possibly give?

The old man felt a bit desperate.

However, a woman behind him said, "Benefactor, if you don't mind, be our Emperor!!!"

With that woman's words, the hundred people around them all echoed in unison.

Seeing the group of old, weak, women, and children kneeling in front of him, Ye Hua's lips curled up in a smile. 'You've finally said it, allowing me to step down.'

'Should I refuse again? Perhaps not. These honest and simple people won't be polite, and if I really leave, it would be awkward.'

"Since you sincerely request it, I will reluctantly agree and protect your safety," Ye Hua said with a righteous tone, giving everyone a sense of security, as if with him here, no one would be threatened, instilling a strong sense of trust.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi had no expression on their faces, but they couldn't help but smile at their husband's words. Clearly, they wanted it this way, yet they pretended not to.

But now, Ye Hua looks cute.

Only Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi found him cute. The old men were trembling in fear.

However, upon hearing Ye Hua's agreement to stay, everyone revealed a glimmer of hope. That man had easily killed the witch with just one hand. Such a powerful person could rival those sects.

With them guarding Valoris, it couldn't be more appropriate.

Immediately, the old man shouted loudly, "Our Emperor, long live! Long live! Long live forever!"

As the old man's voice fell, everyone behind him joined in the chorus.

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Although it was hasty, at least Ye Hua gained the approval of all the residents.

"Old man, come here. I have something to ask you," Ye Hua called out to the old man.

The old man was startled and hurriedly bowed, "I'll follow your orders."

Continuing to walk into the "Imperial Palace," Ye Hua saw the high stone steps, and the palaces above were severely damaged. The steps themselves were pitted, and some dragon heads were missing, leaving only four claws. Weeds covered the ground, and the surrounding palaces were even more dilapidated.

Slowly ascending the steps, a black plaque fell to the ground, on which were written three large characters in a majestic and vigorous manner: "Supreme Spirit Templel"!

Inside the palace, it was pitch black, and it looked empty. The imperial throne was gone, taken away by someone.

Truly pathetic.

Ye Hua walked into the palace and asked calmly, "What is your name?"

"Our Emperor, my name is Cao, a simple name with only one character," Cao San said respectfully, not daring to breathe heavily. He felt that this man was terrifying, but he couldn't explain why.

Ye Hua was quite curious, so he asked aloud, "I have a question for you. Why is there no one guarding the palace with soldiers?"

"Our Emperor, Valoris, is a va.s.sal state of the Divine Steppes. They used to pay tribute every year, but as the environment deteriorated and the crops failed, the merchants couldn't find opportunities here anymore. Over time, it fell into decline, and they could no longer afford the expensive tribute. Naturally, the Divine Steppes stopped taking care of this place."

After hearing this, Ye Hua understood. Without protection money, there would be no protection.

"What about the royal family here?"

"Our Emperor, the royal family's relatives, sold all valuable items and fled to the Divine Steppes. Some stayed and fought, but in the end, they were captured by the witch," Cao San said with a heavy tone. The royal family had both good and bad individuals.

Ye Hua nodded. "I have another question. Where is this place? And what kind of kingdom is the Divine Steppes?"

Cao San was a bit puzzled. How could these people not know where they were? This was quite strange.

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