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Side Story 8: Valkyrie - Elle

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Side Story 8: Valkyrie - Elle

Elle held memories from before she had self-awareness. Countless warriors of Lord Odin were born and died in numerous wars, but she was special. Valkyries were the warriors who had fought the most battles up to the point where the Lord became the only G.o.d. There were so many battles that it was meaningless to count. Therefore, she could survive even when the battlefield was destroyed.

However, surviving became meaningless without the Lord’s grace. It would be an existence that was even more pitiful than the warriors who had died when the battlefield was demolished.

I can finally think for myself, but…

She was very scared of the Lord’s silence. The fate of her and her fellows’ existence depended on the Lord’s will.

The Lord finally asked, “Do you know where this is?”

The power binding her entire body was so strong that it could lead to her annihilation if it went a little further. Yet, she could not open her lips as she did not know.

This is a dimension where intelligent creatures, similar to the Lord but without wings, have established civilization. But their natural abilities are extremely weak, and their population is small compared to other creatures that share this s.p.a.ce.

Although the area is small, multiple groups have established their civilization and settled down. Moreover, the world inside the blue liquid, which covers a much larger area than land, is the birthplace of all kinds of creatures and civilizations here. The sea… So, what should I say about this dimension? About this tiny and insignificant planet?

She felt the Lord’s growing anger.

Something of ours must have gone against the Lord’s will.

The Lord said, “This is my homeland, where I was born and raised.”

Only then did she realize her mistake.

This is a place precious to the Lord!

Just as she was born from the Lord, the Lord was born here. She had intruded into such a place without permission. As she was shocked, something flowed from her eyes. It was what the Lord called tears.

However, there were various kinds of tears, and these weren’t tears of joy or sadness. They were tears of reflection on her ignorance and impulsiveness. They also meant her regret about her weak emotions.

She was not supposed to go here in the first place. Like her sisters, she was afraid to see the Lord. However, someone had to meet him, and she was the one who was chosen.

I am the weakest among the sisters and have no courage to resist them. Why was I born like this?’

“I didn’t know you can even cry.”

It was not the Lord who said it. The voice came from beside him. She was female like her, but she was smaller. Her features were slightly different as well. However, it was evident that this female was as precious as this land to the Lord.

The Lord cherishes this female.

She said to the woman with a desperate look, “Please forgive us. Our ignorance failed to understand the Lord’s feelings.”

She begged and begged again. Meanwhile, the Lord was speaking to the female.

“She was one of those who were under my command during the fight against Doom Kaos.”

“She is moving within the paused time even without your permission. She seems stronger than me. Only Osiris seems to be able to confront her, right?”

“Well, yes, because she was directly born from me.”

“Can you remove her?”

“Of course.”

She shrank further in the face of the dangerous conversation unfolding before her. Her sisters were unaware of the situation here. She was trying to discern the Lord’s intention to gain His trust, but she didn't even know that the very act of discerning could be going against His will. Unfortunately, she only realized this after meeting the Lord. She had been so naive.

Tears flowed from her eyes again.

Ah…our destruction has become inevitable…

Resistance was unthinkable. Her almighty Lord was watching her foolish self, and the destruction that her sisters and she feared of was just a minor part of the omnipotence He could exercise.

He was truly omnipotent. They merely followed the inscrutable will of Lord Odin.

Then, it felt as if a beam of light descended upon her.

“I will forgive you today.”

It was the Lord’s word.

Does that mean he will let us live?

She looked up in surprise, and thankfully, the Lord allowed it.

That was not the end. The sanct.i.ty of the Lord seeped into her body, which soon coalesced in her hand, growing into the Life Cane.

“Go to Saint Dragorin, Elle. There are many soldiers trapped there. Recover all of the soldiers, including them and restore the ruined land.”

She blinked in surprise. Then, she realized that the Lord called her Elle. The Lord had bestowed names upon her sisters as well. Bell was the strongest among the sisters, who went to watch those who had the potential to challenge the Lord. Cell was the one who enjoyed creation and was restoring the afterworld. Dell was the one collecting evil spirits.

“You should take this.”

The power flowing from the Lord gathered in her hand.

“Our Lord Odin. The only divine being of the entire universe. We will forever obey your revered commands. We will obey. We will obey.”

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Elle shed tears of repentance for having audaciously tread upon the Lord’s cherished land. The relief that she could continue living without being annihilated came afterward.

“The Lord’s soldiers are scattered everywhere. I hope your tribe will help me.”

[Then, can I call you ‘Mother?’ You give off that vibe. I, Lu-seah, yearn for a mother’s love. Do you have to be the one who gives birth to be considered a mother? No! Those who nurture and embrace are mothers, too. I, Lu-seah, am grown up now, so just embrace me. Mother~ ???]


Elle’s tone was gentle, but her eyes were definitely cold.

[Yes, ma’am! Elle, the messenger of our Lord Odin. It seems that for a moment, Lu-seah misread your benevolence and lost my composure. Please forgive me.]

[Then… How can Lu-seah help you? Please let me know. I am quite adept at many things. If it is a directive from the messenger of our Lord Odin, Lu-seah is ready to obey.]

[But, what do you mean by the ‘Lord’s soldiers?’]

[Strictly speaking, the Awakened are indeed the Lord’s soldiers, but the way our Lord looks at them is somewhat complex. Their reason for serving our Lord is different from mine and even the great Elle’s.]

[Among the Awakened, those known as the ‘citizens of the Savior’s City’ are aptly referred to as the Lord’s soldiers! Hehehe.]

[Ask me anything. I will tell you everything.]

“I am referring to all the Awakened. Haven’t your kin been involved with these people across various battlefields? Bring them all before me.”

Then, Elle moved to a location where the battle was still raging. After exterminating the insurgents opposing the Lord, Elle went down into the heart of the castle.

Deep inside there, a place where a part of the divine body was concealed, the scent of the Lord wafted from the infinite maze. Enemies outside the castle were exterminated, but the battle within the maze continued.

These are the soldiers that the Lord was speaking about.

However, there was nothing Elle could do directly for them. As soon as she took a step in that maze, even Elle could not find a way out. Instead, she clenched her fist and unfolded her hand. The power of the Lord accompanying her stretched out towards the maze.

Then, groups were instantly summoned! They were the ones that Lu-seah called ‘Citizens of the Savior’s City.’

“f.u.c.k. I thought I would die.”

One of them scanned the surroundings and noticed Elle watching them from the void. It was when their gazes met.

“Our Lord’s soldier. Citizen of the Savior’s City, Kim Ji-Hoon.”


“No, I am Elle, the messenger sent by our Lord Odin.”

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