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六如和尚 - Monk Of The Six Illusions

Chapter 1833: Words Spoken, Order Implemented

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Chapter 1833: Words Spoken, Order Implemented

Jing Teng’s complexion was extremely pale, and her entire being seemed to be flickering, as if she could fade away at a moment’s notice. It was only due to this place being their home territory, coupled with the great formation’s protection, that she and her sister hadn’t immediately died on the spot.

After all, the one who had attacked earlier was the prisoner from the lowest floor. Even the Green-Robed Bug King, Blood Devil, and the others would have been obliterated immediately by that streak of white light.

Jing Teng panicked when she heard Zu An, replying, “There’s no time! Hurry and bring us back to the Demon-Suppressing Talisman!”

In truth, with their current condition, not even returning to the Demon-Suppressing Talisman would necessarily be enough to deal with that being.

“Don’t worry. I’m here,” Zu An said in consolation.

The Ghost King laughed, exclaiming, “So the man you liked was actually just a shameless boaster! Do you know just how terrifying the one who just arrived is?”

They could sense the aura of that being slowly approaching. That thing was too powerful. Even if it wasn’t its original form that had arrived, it was still powerful to the point that it left her in despair.

If the sisters hadn’t left the talisman and remained in their strongest condition, perhaps they would be just barely able to keep it restrained. But now…

And this brat is actually boasting that he’s going to defeat this devil, and that he isn’t going to abandon Jing Teng. Seriously…

Just how in the world does he have such nerve? Does he think he’s the son of heaven himself or something?!

That terrifying pressure was becoming stronger and stronger. Cracking and shattering noises filled the air all around them, which was a sign of the s.p.a.ce around them being unable to handle the being’s energy and rapidly collapsing as a result.

The Lord of Black Mist, Green-Robed Bug King, and Blood Devil were trembling all over and lying on the ground with their bottoms high and their heads dug into the ground. They didn’t dare to raise their heads in the slightest. They knew that if they weren’t careful and gave that thing a single look, they would be done for.

A white streak of light appeared in midair. The sky looked like a membrane that was being stretched to the extreme, and the remaining stars flickered crazily. It was clear that what remained of the formation was doing everything it could to resist the terrifying power. However, it was easy to tell that the sky could shatter completely at any moment. That powerful being outside could break through in mere moments.

Jing Teng sighed. She leaned into Zu An’s embrace. Being able to die with her lover was a blissful thing, at least. However, if those terrifying beings left the great tomb, the people would definitely suffer. In the end, she wouldn’t be able to complete her mission.

The Ghost King’s expression was full of disgust. She tried to leave Zu An’s arms, but Jing Teng was dead set on embracing Zu An and she could only let it be. They were about to die anyway, so bickering at this point was meaningless.

Zu An held Jing Teng with one hand, but suddenly pointed at the streak of white light in the air with the other and yelled, “Begone!”

Jing Teng had a confused expression. She didn’t understand the meaning of his move.

The Ghost King cast him a sidelong look, thinking, Did he finally lose it? He actually did something so cringy… What, do you think that thing will really just die because you said so?

The Lord of Black Mist and the other monsters also cursed him inwardly, but they were more worried for their own safety and didn’t have the luxury of thinking about other things.

Suddenly, the air that had seemed about to rupture calmed down. Then, the white light just vanished and their surroundings stopped shaking. The terrifying aura also disappeared without a trace.

Jing Teng, the Ghost King, and the three devils were dumbstruck.

Who am I? Where am I? What is happening?

That was a being that couldn't even be looked at!

Did something happen to make it just leave first?

There was no way it really had just died to a mere shout from this kid, right? No matter how great their imaginations were, they couldn't picture something like that.

Suddenly, a furious roar that made them all shiver filled the air, and a voice roared, “Who was it that destroyed my second body?!”

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The roar didn’t cause any regular trembling; rather, it felt as if it came from the depths of one’s soul. Those present couldn't help but vomit a large mouthful of blood. They felt a great stinging pain in their heads, as if their brains were about to be crushed into a paste.

However, they didn’t pay any attention to those injuries at all and only stared dumbfounded at Zu An. The depths of their shock matched their prior ridicule.

Only Jing Teng was overjoyed, saying, “Ah Zu, you… What’s wrong?”

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She suddenly saw that Zu An’s entire body had become as dry as a desert, covered in countless fine cracks. As she spoke, perhaps because he exhaled a bit too hard, Zu An’s body began to shatter. Small pieces floated into the air piece by piece and quickly dissipated into nothingness.

The Lord of Black Mist, Green-Robed Bug King, and Blood Devil were utterly speechless.

The Ghost King’s mouth hung open. She looked at Zu An as if she didn’t know him, saying, “You couldn't even beat me before though!”

“I have to pay a serious price to use that skill,” Zu An explained.

When the Ghost King recalled how he had been about to turn to dust earlier, she immediately understood. There were many divine skills in this world with tremendous power, but the price one had to pay was also great. She was actually secretly really glad that he hadn’t used it on her. Threatening him earlier had just been playing with fire. If that move earlier could even kill a clone of that being, he could naturally have killed her with it.

She couldn't help but look at him with a conflicted expression, saying, “Then I guess I have to thank you for not killing me.”

Jing Teng asked at the same time, “A price? What kind of price did you pay? Is there any danger to your life?” She grabbed him and checked his body all over as she spoke, scared that he could have lost something.

Zu An was a bit fl.u.s.tered. These sisters were sharing a body and using it however they wanted to. It really was quite strange.

Another rumble suddenly filled the place. That terrifying aura attacked again, and it was clear that its power was increasing.

Jing Teng’s expression changed. She said, “This is bad. That being seems to have been fully angered and is now gradually awakening. The great formation won’t be able to trap it any longer.”

The Lord of Black Mist and the other devils couldn't help but laugh, saying, “You’re all done for! Once that being comes here, all of you will die for certain.”

Even though that pretty boy’s unknown divine skill was powerful, it had just been used on a clone of that being. It had less than a tenth of his real strength. Furthermore, they had all seen how Zu An had been about to disintegrate after using the skill. They knew he had to pay a huge price to use that skill and that he wouldn’t necessarily be able to use it again. Even if he used it, it wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat that being either. On top of that, as long as they didn’t look at that being, it probably wouldn’t kill them, anyway. After all, they had been greatly helpful in its escape.

Jing Teng said, “Big brother Zu, you should hurry and run. Your… friends are still upstairs. You don’t need to worry about us.”

The Ghost King wrinkled her nose. Why was this big sister of hers always so stupid? What kind of situation were they already in? And yet, she was still speaking up for her lover.

Zu An shook his head and said, “Just leave the rest to me.”

Jing Teng’s condition was extremely poor, so he didn’t dare to let her go. Instead he carried her into the air and arrived in front of the Demon-Suppressing Talisman.

“What a cold and ruthless person. Unfortunately, it’s already too late even if you put them back. They’re already about to die, and this talisman is already fated to be destroyed. It simply can’t stop that being,” the Lord of Black Mist’s sinister voice said.

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